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  • 4~16 Layer HDI PCB
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    4~16 Layer HDI PCB

    Union Circuits offer 4~16 Layer HDI PCBs with good quality and competitive prices, we are flexible to support prototype and small to medium HDI order as well as mass volume productions. General Specification Attention: “These are the...
  • Any-layer HDI PCB
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    Any-layer HDI PCB

    Any-layer HDI Printed Circuit Boards are the next technological enhancement of HDI microvia PCBs, all the electrical connections between the individual layers consist of laser-drilled microvias, the main advantage of this technology is...
You are welcomed to buy HDI PCB made in China from us, which is one of the best high density interconnect board, buried blind via PCBs, HDI microvia PCBs manufacturers and suppliers in China, Welcome to contact our factory and company.
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