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Circuit Boards Stacked

Some of the project team to determine the PCB layer has a great deal of autonomy, while the other team without such autonomy, it is important to understand your position. Communicate with manufacturing and cost analysis engineer circuit boards stacked error can be identified, then found an opportunity for circuit board manufacturing tolerances. For example, if you specify a certain level is 50 ¦¸ impedance control, manufacturers how to measure and to ensure that this value is?

Other important issues include: the expected manufacturing tolerance is? The dielectric constant is expected at the circuit board? Permissible error of the line width and spacing is? Ground and signal layer thickness and spacing of the permissible error is? All of this information can be used in the pre-wiring phase.

According to the data, you can choose to cascade. Note that almost each one in a different circuit board or the PCB has backplane thickness requirements, and most of the circuit board manufacturers to manufacture different types of layers has a fixed thickness requirements, this will greatly constrained cascade for the number. You may want to work closely with manufacturers to define a number of cascade. Impedance control tools should be used for different build target impedance range, be sure to take into account the manufacturer's manufacturing tolerances and effect of adjacent wiring.

Signal integrity under ideal circumstances, all high-speed node should wiring within the control layer (such as banded line), but in fact, engineers must often use high-speed nodes in all or part of the outer layers of wiring. To SI the best and keep the circuit board decoupling, it should as far as possible be grounding/power-paired arrangement. If only a pair of ground level/power layer, you only will. If there is no power layer, by definition you may have SI issues. You may encounter such a situation, before the signal return path is not defined difficult simulations or simulation circuit board performance.

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