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Double-sided PCB How To Set Up

            The first step, get a piece of PCB, first on the paper record all the components of the model, parameters, as well as position, especially the diode, the direction of the three-machine tube, IC notch direction. It is best to use a digital camera to take two photos of the location of the pieces.

             Step two, remove all the devices and remove the tin from the pad hole. The use of alcohol to clean the PCB, and then into the scanner, scanning scanners need to slightly increase some of the scanning pixels, in order to get a clearer image, start pohtoshop, in color to sweep the screen surface, save the file and print out the standby.

             The third step, the water gauze paper will top LAYER and bottom LAYER two layers of slightly polished, polished to the copper film shiny, into the scanner, start Photoshop, in a color way to two layers respectively swept into. Note that the PCB placed in the scanner must be horizontal tree straight, otherwise the scanned image can not be used, and save the file.

             Step fourth, adjust the contrast of the canvas, light and shade, so that there is a copper film and no copper film part of the contrast is strong, then the secondary chart to black and white, check the line is clear, if not clear, repeat this step. If it is clear, the survival is a black-and-white BMP format file top. bmp and Bot. bmp, if you find problems with the graphics can also be used in Photoshop to repair and correction.Double-sided PCB

             Step fifth, the two BMP format files into the Protel format file, in the Protel into two layers, such as the two-layer pad and via of the position of the basic overlap, indicating that the first few steps do well, if there is a deviation, then repeat the third step.

             Step sixth, convert the top layer of BMP to top. PCB, note to the silk layer, is the yellow layer, and then you are in the top layer of the line is, and according to the second step of the drawing placement device. After drawing, remove the silk layer.

The seventh step, the bot layer of BMP into a bot. PCB, note to the silk layer, is the yellow layer, and then you are in the bot layer line. After drawing, remove the silk layer.Double-sided PCB

             Step eighth, in the Protel of the top. PCB and bot. PCB into a diagram on the OK.

              Step Nineth, the laser printer will be top LAYER, BOTTOM LAYER respectively printed to transparent film (1:1 of the proportion), put the film on the PCB, compare it is wrong, if yes, you are done.

             Other: If the multilayer board also carefully polished to the inside of the inner layer, while repeating the third to nineth steps, of course, the name of the graphic is also different, to be based on the number of layers, the general two-panel board is much simpler than multilayer board, multilayer board easy to appear on the position of the situation, so multilayer board should be particularly careful and careful (inside of the guide hole and the hole is very easy to appear problems).Double-sided PCB

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