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Double-sided PCB On-line Tester Module

Current conversion acquisition A / D circuit to implement the test point current data collection. The load resistance and differential amplifier circuit LM343 are used to follow the voltage of the test point, and the current value of the test point is converted into the amount of voltage that can be processed by the A / D conversion circuit. Selection of AD7574 eight successive comparison of high-speed A / D conversion circuit. Conversion time of 15μS, single +5 V power supply. Reference voltage selection VREF = -8V. The input voltage range is 0 ~ + | VREF |. Program control chip RD side to produce a negative pulse can start A / D conversion.Double-sided PCB

Software module: The tester is controlled by the portable master computer through the serial port. The single-chip test platform completes the excitation control, data acquisition and so on. All the data analysis and command control is done by the portable host computer. The whole set of test software consists of master software, data communication software, offline test software, online function test software, online status test software, VI characteristic test software, node voltage test software, electronic manual, test development software, system self-test software Main modules are composed.Double-sided PCB

Digital chip function test The basic principle of testing is to detect and record the chip input / output status, the state of its record and the standard state of the truth table to compare, to determine the test chip function is correct. Digital chip status test circuit board on each digital device, after power has three state characteristics: the logic of the pin state (power, ground, high impedance, signal, etc.), the connection between the pin, lose The logical relationship between input and output. When the device fails, its status characteristics are generally changed.Double-sided PCB

The tester can extract the status of each IC device on the circuit board, store it in the database of the computer, and then compare it with the same faulty circuit board to find out the fault location correctly.Double-sided PCB

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