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Electronic Circuit Board Cards How To Automatically Detect

Electronic circuit board also exists on the system stability, suitability needs to be improved, interface connectors for further improvement of the shortcomings, in the engineering practice in the future, through continuous research and improvement. Will be more perfect system, adapted to more types of electronic board testing.

In the process of production and manufacture of electronic products, card, electronic circuit board testing become the last link of production. Automatic detection of electronic circuit board cards have been widely applied in industry, input/output interface for the Board during the test became a card detected problems in the system.

Electronic circuit board card is the heart of electronic products, electronic products have penetrated into every corner of my work and life. In electronics manufacturing and building process, card test production of the last link. Automatic detection of electronic circuit board cards have been widely used in the industry.

Due to the many types of the electronic circuit board card, you need to provide signals also differ, so input and output interfaces for the Board during the test card detected problems in the system.

Switch as an extension of the output circuit of data acquisition card control signal, the signal from the electronic circuit board points under the control signal sent to the data selector, then according to the different kinds of processing different types of signals, and finally sent to the acquisition card analog input or digital input port. The entire circuit can be divided into three parts: the decoding circuit, data selection and signal processing circuit.

Electronic circuit board signal processing circuit (also known as signal conditioning circuit) function of different types of input signals (output signal of the data selector) make different pretreatment. Each test card, inspection staff by changing the jumper combination to send different signals to different circuits. Output circuits include analog output extension extensions and switch output expansion in two parts, whose function is to control signals (digital and analog) time sent to the Board.

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