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Electronic Technology Application Of Metal Core PCB

     In the absence of a thorough grasp of the chip, packaging structure and PCB power supply system characteristics, high-speed electronic systems design is very difficult to succeed. In fact, in order to meet the lower supply voltage, faster signal rollover speed, higher integration and a lot of more and more challenging requirements, a lot of companies in the forefront of electronic design in the product design process in order to ensure the integrity of the power supply and signal, the analysis of the power supply system has invested a lot of money, manpower and material resources.Metal Core PCB
     The analysis and design of power supply system (PDS) is becoming more and more important in the field of high-speed circuit design, especially in computer, semiconductor, communication, network and consumer electronics industries. With the inevitable further reduction of the VLSI technology, the power supply voltage of the integrated circuit will be reduced continuously. As more and more manufacturers switch from 130nm technology to 90nm technology, the power supply voltage can be predicted to drop to 1.2V, even lower, while the current also increases significantly. From DC IR pressure to Zhou dynamic voltage fluctuation control, the development trend has brought great challenge to the design of power supply system because of the smaller range of noise.Metal Core PCB
    Usually in the AC analysis, the input impedance between the power supply is an important measurement to measure the characteristics of the power supply system. The determination of this measurement is evolved into the calculation of IR pressure drop in DC analysis. Whether in DC or AC analysis, the factors that affect the power supply system characteristics are: PCB layering, the shape of the Power Plate layer plane, the layout of the components, the distribution of the holes and pins, etc.Metal Core PCB
    The concept of input impedance between power sources can be applied to the simulation and analysis of the above factors. For example, a very wide application of the input impedance of the power supply is used to evaluate the placement of the decoupling capacitor on the board. With a certain number of decoupling capacitors placed on the board, the circuit board itself can be suppressed by the resonant resonance, thus reducing the noise generated, but also to reduce the edge of the circuit board radiation to alleviate electromagnetic compatibility. In order to improve the reliability of power supply system and the manufacturing cost of degraded systems, system design engineers must often consider how to select the system layout of the decoupling capacitor efficiently and economically.Metal Core PCB

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