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Fabrication Method Of PCB Plate For Copper Based PCB

Copper substrate thermal conductivity as the name implies, it is a copper substrate thermal performance parameters, it is to measure the copper substrate from the circuit layer heat conduction through the thermal insulation layer of heat transfer efficiency, from the copper-aluminum-iron thermal conductivity/(M*K) to contrast, PCB industry application of the copper substrate used in general is the red Copper plate or the thermal conductivity of its own reference industry data as follows.Copper Based PCB

The current density is generally 1.5-2.5 ampere/square decimeter; The guarantee the distribution uniformity of the plate surface current, and the splitter bar is used in the part of the cathode conductive rod near the side of the cylinder to prevent the thickness of the plate edge or edge plate caused by the edge effect of the electric field.Copper Based PCB 

The two sides are relatively small, and can be used in staggered transposition.Copper Based PCB 

The spacing between the plates is as close as possible, without overlapping plates, the thickness distribution of the plate surface is uneven, and the independent line/hole is designed to add the auxiliary grid design or use low current to extend the time properly, to ensure the uniformity of the coating, to prevent the film, the line too thick.Copper Based PCB

According to the plate area of the actual need plating, not the plate area, the current has three kinds of 1.5--2.5; Look at the type of bath, thickness of the plate, aperture size, the shape of the plate surface distribution. Linear relation; coating thickness micron = plating time minute x current density ampere/square decimeter x0.217 microns/Amp min.Copper Based PCB

Aluminum based material made of the board called Aluminum substrate, because of its strong thermal capacity, so such boards are common in LED lighting products. There are two sides, the white side is the welding led pin, the other side of the appearance of aluminum, the general will be coated with thermal conductivity after the partial contact.Copper Based PCB 

LED aluminum substrate is the PCB, but also the meaning of printed circuit boards, just the PCB material is aluminum alloy, before our General circuit board material is fiberglass, but because the LED heating is larger, so LED lamps used circuit board is generally aluminum substrate, can heat conduction fast, other equipment or electrical class circuit board or glass fiber plate!Copper Based PCB

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