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Fabrication Process Of Double-sided PCB Material

Both sides have conductive graphics printed boards for double-sided printed circuit boards. On both sides of the insulating substrate are covered with copper foil, can be made on both sides of the printed circuit, it can be both sides of the wiring, need to be connected with the metal hole.Double-sided PCB 

Because the wiring density of double-sided printed circuit is higher, it can reduce the volume of the equipment. Applicable to the general requirements of electronic equipment, such as computers, electrical equipment, instrumentation and so on. The main difference between double sided board and single panel is to increase the process of hole metallization, that is to realize the electrical connection between two printed circuits. Compared with the simple production of single-sided printed circuit board, after the panel is cleaned, it is necessary to carry out drilling, chemical immersion, copper cleaning, copper plating, copper thickening, plugging, and so on.Double-sided PCB

PCB Cladding Plate Manufacturing process is the glass fiber cloth, glass fiber felt, paper and other reinforcing materials impregnated epoxy resin, phenolic resin and other adhesives, at the appropriate temperature drying to the B phase, to get prepreg materials (referred to as dipping material), and then they according to process requirements and copper foil laminated, The laminated machine is heated and pressurized to obtain the required PCB copper clad laminate.Double-sided PCB

According to the characteristics of the substrate and the classification of the use of the base material in the flame and after the ignition of the degree of combustion can be divided into universal and self-quenching type; According to the bending degree of the base material can be divided into rigid and flexible PCB-coated plate; According to the working temperature and working conditions of the substrate can be divided into heat-resistant, radiation-resistant type, high-frequency PCB-coated plate and so on. In addition, there are special occasions for the use of PCB-coated boards, such as prefabricated laminated foil plate, metal-coated foil plate and according to the type of foil can be divided into copper foil, nickel foil, silver foil, aluminum foil, Kang copper foil, beryllium copper foil board.Double-sided PCB

Resin PCB Copper clad laminate resin has phenolic, epoxy, polyester, polyimide and so on. Phenolic resins and epoxy resins were the most used. Phenolic resin is a kind of resin which is condensed from phenolic and aldehyde in acidic medium or alkaline medium. Among them, the resin with phenol and formaldehyde polycondensation in alkaline medium is the main raw material of substrate PCB. In paper-based PCB-coated board manufacturing, in order to get a variety of excellent performance of the plate, often need to be modified phenolic resin, and strictly control the resin free phenol and volatile content, in order to ensure that the plate in the thermal impact of delamination, not bubble.Double-sided PCB

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