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Flexible Circuit Board

             Flexible circuit board (FPCB) than the general printed circuit board (PCB) The most important feature is the light and can be curved. As the cost of FPCB is far higher than PCB, so if not necessary, the general manufacturers will not design FPCB in their products, but also due to the high cost of FPCB, so we should pay special attention to its limitations and precautions in the design.Flexible Circuits

            This information is originally soft Board (Fpcb/flex Cable) manufacturer to provide, at that time only paper, I later spent some time to put it in the mapping here, let oneself also let a friend in need can reference. I personally think these soft board design requirements (trading) can make a lot of designers have a reference, some of these requirements are related to the production process ability, and some are relevant to the reliability and quality.Flexible Circuits

             Flexible PCB-fpc SMD Essentials FPC surface SMT process requirements and traditional PCB SMT solutions have many differences, to do a good job in FPC SMT process, the most important is positioning. FPC board because the hardness is not enough, more soft, if not to use a dedicated board, you can not complete the fixed and transmission, it will not be able to complete printing, SMD, such as the basic SMT process.Flexible Circuits

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