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Flexible Circuits The Selection Of Materials

Characteristics of flexible circuits and selection of materials

Flexible Circuits With the rapid development of electronic products, the electronic assembly technology has put forward a serious challenge. In order to cater to the development of electronic technology, people in electronic assembly technology has made bold innovations, in this context a sophisticated wire, a thin, compliant polymer thin film manufacturing flexible circuits emerged, it can apply surface installation technology and can be bent into countless kinds of desired shape.

Flexible Circuits The flexible circuit with SMT technology can be manufactured very thin, delicate, insulated thickness less than 25 μm, this flexible circuit can be arbitrarily curved and curled into the cylinder, to make full use of three-dimensional volume. It breaks the traditional thinking pattern of natural area, thus forms the ability to fully utilize the volume shape, which can significantly enhance the effective usage density and form high-density assembling in the length of the conductor used in each unit area.

Flexible Circuits In recent years, the use of flexible circuits has been extended to radio communication, computer and automotive electronic equipment and other fields. The previous flexible circuit is specially used as a substitute for rigid cables, it has been able to be mature as a rigid circuit and PCB in the application of the use of thin circuit or three-dimensional circuit of the occasion. In order to satisfy the application requirements of softness, rigid-flexible technology combines flexible circuits on a stiff circuit board.

Flexible Circuits Early application of flexible circuits

Flexible Circuits Although the flexible circuit using SMT technology is a modern high-tech technology, it adopts the basic principle of the earliest printed circuit line, its roots can be traced back to in the 1970 of the 20th century. The earliest possible use of SMT flexible circuit technology occurred in the early in the 1970 of the 20th century. Texas Instrument Company in the development of calculators, the two-row straight-inserted integrated circuits into the euro-wing devices, and then through the hot strip welding on the flexible circuit. The thin film of the flexible circuit is a hot-sensitive polyester film, which is manufactured in a continuous rolling process according to the circuit manufacturing.

Flexible Circuits Another application example of early SMT flexible circuit technology is the circuit used in Polaroid (Polaroid) cameras. Polaroid camera is a camera in the instant can be washed after a photograph, Polaroid company to adopt the flexible SMT technology is in in the early 1980 of the 20th century, the flexible circuit of the basic film is polyester film, using wave soldering technology. Since in the early 1980 of the 20th century, the combination of flexible circuits and SMT technology has been a great success. When it is understood that SMT is an ideal assembling technology for thin film substrates, a considerable part of the flexible circuit manufacturers quickly enter the SMT technology field.

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