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Flexible Knowledge Of The Circuit

    The flexible circuit was developed by a researcher at the University of Tokyo, Japan, to develop a flexible circuit with a thickness of 1/5 of the food wrap, which is lighter than the feathers, which provides the doctor with the possibility of implanting the sensor into the human body in the future. This device on a thin film is unique because it can still work even if it is kneaded or stretched.Flexible Circuits

    The food wraps for the kitchen are usually 10 microns thick, and this circuit is only 2 microns thick and weighs only 3 grams per square meter. The product is so thin and light that its state of falling in the air is slow and lightly rolling and swinging, falling at a much faster pace than bird's feathers. It was possible for the research team to succeed in creating a high-quality, ultra-thin insulation.Flexible Circuits

    This circuit can be used to monitor a variety of body data, such as body temperature, blood pressure and muscle or heart electron pulse.

    Medical sensors typically use silicon and other relatively rigid materials that may cause discomfort to the user.

    But the new flexible circuit should be able to reduce or even eliminate this stress. For the user, the sheet can be placed at the top of the mouth, as long as the mobile tongue, you can operate the communication device. Which can be connected to various surfaces without restricting the movement of the wearer.Flexible Circuits

    Even in this "whiter" environment in the human body, the device can work for more than two weeks, the future will be likely to be built into the body to collect data. Of course, this requires more research before it can be achieved. For example, although the film is almost imperceptible, but its impact on the skin contact with it is not entirely known, may cause a rash.Flexible Circuits

    In addition, the use of reliable power sources can be small enough, and whether the operation of the device will also be a challenge.

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