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Flexible Properties Of Rigid PCB

Because of the poor thermal capacity of the flexible PCB (compared with the rigid PCB), it is necessary to provide enough wire width. When some conductors carrying large current are facing each other or adjacent to each other, the extra wire width or spacing must be given when considering the problem of heat concentration.Rigid PCB

The rectangle should be preferred wherever possible, because it can save the base material better. There should be enough free margins near the edge, depending on the possible residual space of the substrate. In the shape, the inner angle should look circular, and the pointed inner angle may cause the tearing of the plate.Rigid PCB

Smaller wire widths and spacing should be minimized as far as possible. If the geometrical space permits, the tightly arranged fine wires should be turned into wide wires. The wire terminated at the plating hole or the mounting hole of the component should be smoothly searched into the solder tray. As a general standard, any change from a straight line to an angle or a different line width must be as smooth as possible. The sharp angle causes the stress to concentrate naturally, causing the conductor to malfunction.Rigid PCB

In mass production of small electronic devices (such as small calculators), flexible PCB incorporating a rigid laminated laminate has become very popular and is more cost-optimized. The flexible PCB is equipped with a rigid plate (such as grade G-10) with a suitable groove position to facilitate separation later. After assembly of components and wave soldering, the rigid plate is divided into different parts by cutting it so that it folds into the desired shape.Rigid PCB

Phenolic paper laminates can be divided into different grades, most of which can be used at up to 70~105℃ temperatures, and work for long periods of time at temperatures above this range may result in some performance degradation. and overheating can cause charring, and in affected areas, the insulation resistance may fall to a very low value. In a high humidity environment, the insulation resistance of the substrate will be greatly reduced, however, when the humidity is lowered, the insulation resistance will increase.Rigid PCB

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