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How Smart PCB Board Test

On the PCB Board related application software, virtual instruments, namely through the various features of the software implementation of traditional instruments including Oscilloscopes, signal generators, and the mathematical processing of the acquired data. Testing, testing software for digital signals.

PCB Board test systems will have a new design, using automatic testing system based on USB bus and the design of virtual instruments, give full play to the role of computer, as far as possible by computers instead of the traditional instrument, thereby reducing the volume of the instrument itself, lower development costs, so as to improve the efficiency of the development.

After D/A conversion get test by needed of simulation incentive signal imposed to test system Shang, again by test circuit through test bus sent to switch matrix Shang, switch matrix and connected of while by microprocessor control its guide clearance broken, was measuring PCB Board was fixed in needle bed Shang, incentive signal through imposed to printed circuit board of corresponding location Shang, by test circuit measuring have its response, will collection of simulation volume, into core control in the, after A/D conversion, get corresponding of digital volume, Software feedback on the PCB and PCB-treated to determine PCB Board is qualified.

Online testing technology breakthroughs of previous human eye detecting method of circuit board, online testing technology of high efficiency, detection rate is low, detection is realized automatically. The detection system using virtual instruments with a combination of thoughts, simplify the hardware design, reducing overall system cost.

Simulated online testing components basic PCB Board method and diode, transistor test methods, the application of the detection system is suitable for small and medium enterprises. Reduction into the next process the number of nonconforming product, thereby reducing the amount of rework products, improving production efficiency, reducing the total cost of manufacturing, increase corporate profits, is widely used in detection technology, is a high efficiency, high speed, high accuracy detection method.

Current PCB Board in the area of printed circuit board automatic test using test a wide range of including not incorporating components tested and fitted with components of the test, the current testing methods are commonly used: on off test, road test, functional test, edge test, optical and x-ray testing, and so on. Online testing is based on the specific characteristics of the PCB Board, select the appropriate test method put one or more processes together, learn from each other and use.

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