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How To Choose Treatment Methods For Printed Circuit Boards

Mechanical and physical method of recovery of waste printed circuit boards by a growing number of scholars and corporate concerns, has developed a highly efficient dismantling, crushing and sorting equipment and optimizing recycling production line.

Mechanical and physical methods to get the printed circuit boards are not final products, further separation, purification and refining. Wet metallurgy technology can be used as a mechanical and physical disposition of follow-up work, but hydrometallurgical technologies of chemical consumption, leaching and residue with corrosive and toxic and difficult to recycle all metals, nonmetals may not be recycled, and so on.

Judging from the present study on the level and depth, the "mechanical and physical separation + hydrometallurgical recovery" process for treating waste printed circuit boards has the advantage of industrialized production in the short term, but its overall process optimization and production process of pollution prevention remains the focus of future research

Hydrometallurgical technology for recovery of valuable metals from waste printed circuit boards in the main is the use of valuable metal in the circuit board in the nitric acid, aqua regia and strong oxidizing media, such as dissolving into liquid properties, make the most of precious and other metals into the liquid phase separation with other, and recovery of metals from the liquid phase. Recovery from waste printed circuit board by use of wet metallurgy technology metals, it requires disassembling, choice (large pieces of metal, excluding precious metal parts), grinding (usually metallic and non-metallic powder of crushed separation) processes and chemical leaching of precious metals and other valuable metals. Therefore, wet metallurgy technology can be used as a follow-up process to the mechanical treatment of waste printed circuit boards.

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