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How To Make Printed Circuit Boards Scrap Recycling

Printed circuit board as an important part of the electrical and electronic products. Its composition is complex, high hardness, toughness, and contains a variety of valuable metals and other harmful substances, which has been the problem of disposal of electronic waste recycling area

Currently, printed circuit board resources of most common of method main has mechanical physical recycling method, wet method metallurgical, and fire method metallurgical or several technology phase combined of method on abandoned printed circuit board for split solutions not only can makes which intact of components again get using, and some toxic harmful material and precious metal get rich set, reduced follow-up processing difficulty crushed is mechanical physical recycling technology in the of important steps, its purpose is makes circuit board in the of metal and non-metallic full solutions away from, for follow-up of points selected job created conditions.

Printed circuit boards are mainly made of glass fiber reinforced plastic plate and attached to the copper and other metal components, has the characteristics of high hardness and high toughness, mine broken machinery and general method is difficult to make them shattered. Currently, circuit board crush research has mainly focused on milling machinery research and development, and cryogenic comminution technology of wet grinding process.

Hammer type broken machine, printed circuit board by into material mouth into broken cavity, hammer high-speed movement impact material, circuit board in hammer of impact, and and cavity wall of collision and material itself collision process in the was crushed, flow through water mouth into broken cavity, broken Hou of product to pulp form from screen Board outflow at room temperature Xia crushed circuit board due to equipment long time high-speed running easy produced large of hot, caused circuit board pyrolysis and produced harmful gas, and due to circuit board of characteristics, crushed efficiency low, equipment energy big.

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