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Internal Characteristics Of Rigid PCB

    FPC Flexible PCB Design printing is one of the main business of Xinda Electronics, flexible circuit board has many types of printing layer, the following is a detailed introduction to the flexible circuit board of a variety of printing layer: signal layer: Mainly used to place components or wiring Protel DXP usually contains 30 middle-tier, that is, mid layer1~mid Layer30, the middle layer is used to decorate signal lines, top and bottom to place components or deposited copper. Rigid PCB
    Protective layer: Mainly used to ensure that the circuit board does not need tin plating on the tin, thus ensuring the reliability of the circuit board operation. The top paste and bottom paste are respectively upper layer and bottom resistance welding layer, and top solder and bottom solder are solder paste protective layer and bottom solder protection layer respectively.Rigid PCB
    Screen printing layer: Mainly used in the circuit board printed on the components of the serial number, production number, company name and so on. Internal layer: Mainly used as a signal wiring layer, Protel DXP contains 16 internal layers. Other layers: mainly include 4 types of layers. Drilling orientation layer: Mainly used for the position of drilling on printed circuit board. Prohibit wiring layer: mainly used to draw the electrical frame of the circuit board. Drilling drawing layer: Mainly used to set hole shape. Multilayer: Mainly used to set up the faceted layer.Rigid PCB
    Copper foil substrate cutting into suitable for processing production size. Substrates before the pressure film usually need to brush, micro-etching and other methods to make the plate surface of copper foil appropriate coarse treatment, and then at the appropriate temperature to fit the dry film light resistance to attach it. Exposing the substrate with dry film light resistance into the ultraviolet exposure machine, the photo-resistance will produce the polymerization reaction after ultraviolet irradiation in the film light area (the dry film of the region will be preserved as etching resistance in later development and copper etching steps), and the line image on the film will be transferred to the surface dry film light resistance.Rigid PCB
    Tear off the film surface of the insured plastic film, first with sodium carbonate water solution to the surface of the film is not illuminated by the area of wet shadow removal, and then with hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide mixed solution will be exposed to the corrosion of copper foil to remove, forming lines. Finally, the dry film is removed by using NaOH aqueous solution. For the six layer (including) above the inner layer circuit board to automatically locate punching machine to flush the alignment of the line between the riveting datum hole.Rigid PCB

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