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Knowledge Of Double Sided PCB Products

   Sided PCB board is a very important board in the PCB board, the market has double-sided circuit board metal base PCB board, Hi-Tg copper foil circuit board, flat winding double-sided circuit boards, high frequency PCB, hybrid dielectric base high-frequency double-sided circuit boards, it applies to a wide range of high-tech industries such as: telecommunications, power supply, computer, industrial control, digital products, science and education equipment, medical equipment, automotive, aerospace defense.Double-sided PCB

  Duplex printed boards are usually made of epoxy glass cloth over copper foil. It is mainly used for communication electronics with higher performance requirements.Double-sided PCB

Equipment, advanced instrumentation and electronic computers.Double-sided PCB

  Double-panel production process is generally divided into process wire method, plugging method, masking method and a number of graphic plating etch method, a graphic plating an etching process.

  Sided PCB proofing, the most commonly used process. At the same time rosin process, OSP process, gold-plated process, immersion gold, silver plating these processes, the same applies in the double panel. Spray tin process: the appearance is good, the pad is silver, the pad is easy on tin, easy welding, low price s. Sijin process: stable quality, usually used in the case of a bonding IC.

   Sided PCB board and single-sided PCB board is the difference between the single-board line is only in the side of the PCB board, and double-sided PCB lines can be in the PCB side of the two, the middle of the hole will be double-sided PCB Line up.

  Sided PCB board parameters and sided PCB board in addition to the production process is not the same, but also a more copper technology, which is the double-sided line conduction process.

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