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Main Components Of Metal Core PCB

Devices are divided into: active devices, its main features are: (1) their own consumption of electricity (2). It also requires external power. Discrete devices are divided into (1) Bipolar transistor (2) field-effect transistors (3) SCR (4) semiconductor resistor capacitors. Analog integrated circuits mainly refer to the integrated circuits, which are composed of capacitance, resistor and transistor, which are used to deal with analog signals. There are many analog integrated circuits, such as integrated operational amplifiers, comparators, logarithmic and exponential amplifiers, analog multiplication (except) instruments, PLL, power management chips. The main components of analog integrated circuits are: amplifiers, filters, feedback circuit, reference source circuit, switch capacitor circuit and so on. Analog integrated circuit design is mainly through the experience of the designer manual circuit debugging, simulation, and the corresponding digital integrated circuit design is mostly through the use of hardware description language in the EDA software under the control of automatic synthesis.Metal Core PCB

Digital integrated circuits are digital logic circuits or systems that integrate components and wiring into the same semiconductor chip. The digital integrated circuit can be divided into small-scale integrated (SSI) circuits, medium-scale integrated MSI circuits, large-scale integration (LSI) circuits, large-scale integrated VLSI circuits and large-scale integrated (ULSI) circuits, depending on the number of gate circuits or elements and devices included in the digital integrated circuit. The small-scale integrated circuit consists of 10 doors or less than 100 components.Metal Core PCB

Function: The main characteristic of diode is one-way conductivity, that is, under the action of forward voltage, the conduction resistance is very small, and the conduction resistance is great or infinite under the action of reverse voltage. Because the diode has the above characteristics, it is often used in cordless telephones in the rectification, isolation, voltage regulator, polarity protection, coding control, FM modulation and static noise and other circuits.Metal Core PCB

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