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Method To Detect And Repair Circuit Boards

Circuit board repair method's principle is to first post, first easy to difficult. Treatment of circuit board fault first, visually, through a Visual understanding of symptoms, understand the symptom to the next step to analyze the failure analysis process includes ask, seeing, smelling, measuring. Asked is to ask users of failure phenomenon, is a fault caused by improper use or a sudden failure in the normal operation, there is to ask this Board did before being repaired, what

Secondly, through the careful observation of electronic components, there is no obvious signs of discoloration, burn, whether there is a virtual anti-welding, welding and so on. If necessary, can use the magnifying glass to observe. Then the smell, smell any odor, once integrated circuits (especially power devices) is burnt will emit rotten egg smell. Finally, logging measurements, analysis by measuring the problem device is identified, measured static measurements (that does not power up circuit board) and power measurement. The simplest measure is measured with a multimeter circuit board power and resistance among normally resistance shall be not less than 70 ω of the circuit board, if resistance is too small (only a few Ohms or more than 10 ohms) shows the circuit board components have been penetrated or part-click

Fault circuit board fault classification include: partial failure, global failure. Local failure refers to one or more modules of the system is not working properly; global failure refers to the entire system running

Fault is made up of stability failure and instability of faults. Stable due to component failure, a short circuit caused the fault instability: poor contact, components

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