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PCB Circuit Board LED Backlight System Cooling

In PCB backlight system development work, heat dissipation is a very important subject, because the LED light at the same time will produce more heat, and the heat will have serious consequences.

LED luminous performance in order to improve the thermal performance of PCB backlight system, can be considered in two ways: improving the thermal performance of single LED. Improving the thermal performance of LED arrays.

As a backlight system PCB circuit board designers, we choose the second option to solve the heat problem. In order to improve the cooling of the LED array system performance. Cooling method: use a fan to increase air flow around the backlight system. Reduce the thermal resistance from junction to ambient. Economic backlight module design and outstanding heat dissipation of the base plate on the printed circuit board is a better solution.

At present widely used conventional polymer-insulated metal substrate (IMS) technology using polymer or epoxy material acts as an insulating layer, which require special handling to the metal substrate surface and the minimum thickness of the insulating layer is about 75 microns, which would increase the thermal resistance of insulated metal substrate. In addition, traditional IMS technology will produce in the heat insulating layer and metal substrate stratification.

PCB circuit board plasma magnetron sputtering process is limited to the target material around, does not form a film. Electronic distance gets longer, increasing the probability of electron ionization of argon Atom, which means a lot of target atoms will be shelling out, thereby improving the efficiency of the sputtering process. Produced by magnetron sputtering thin film minimal impurity content, ensuring the quality of film.

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