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Performance Characteristics Of Copper Based PCB

We cannot transmit electrical signals alone, so we need to cover copper on the surface. So we also call the PCB board as copper clad substrate. In the factory, the common copper substrate code is FR-4, this in the home card manufacturers in general there is no difference, so we can think that everyone is at the same starting line, of course, if it is high-frequency board card, preferably with a higher cost of copper-clad PTFE glass cloth laminate.Copper Based PCB The copper-clad process is simple and can be made by means of calendering and electrolysis, the so-called calendering is the high purity (> 99.98%) of the copper paste on the PCB substrate-because epoxy resin and copper foil has excellent adhesion, copper foil adhesion strength and working temperature is higher, can be in 260 ℃ molten tin immersion welding without foaming.Copper Based PCB

This process is quite like rolling dumpling skin, the thinnest can be less than 1mil (industrial units: dense ears, that is, 1 per thousand inches, equivalent to 0.0254mm). If the dumpling skin is so thin, the pot must miss the stuffing! The so-called electrolytic copper in junior high school chemistry has been learned, CuSO4 electrolyte can continue to create a layer of "copper foil", so easy to control thickness, the longer the length of copper foil thicker! Usually the thickness of the copper foil in the factory is very stringent requirements, generally in 0. Between 3mil and 3mil, there is a special copper foil thickness tester to test its quality. The PCB, like the old radios and amateurs, is particularly thick with copper, which is far worse than the quality of the computer Card Factory.Copper Based PCB

The control of the thickness of copper foil is based on two reasons: one is even the copper foil can have a very uniform resistance temperature coefficient, low dielectric constant, so that the signal transmission loss is smaller, this and capacitance requirements are different, the capacitance of high dielectric constant, so that in the limited volume to accommodate a higher capacity, why the resistance is smaller than the capacitance size, In the final analysis is the dielectric constant high Ah! However, this binder is not ordinary glue, but the softening state of the resin material, it is first insulated, and then thin, and the substrate adhesion is good. We call it PP material, its specifications are thickness and the amount of glue (resin). Of course, the general four-layer board and six-layer board we can not see, because the six-layer plate thickness of the substrate is relatively thin, even if you want to use two-layer pp three-sided substrate, also do not have a layer of PP two-sided substrate four laminates can increase how much thickness-the thickness of the board card has a certain specification, otherwise it will not be inserted into a variety of card slots Copper Based PCB

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