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Performance Of Rigid PCB

     One-sided copper clad laminate a brush, drying network One printing line anti-etching graphics one curing inspection, repair plate one etching of copper to resist corrosion printing, drying a drill screen printing and punching positioning hole brushing, drying a screen printing resistance welding graphics (commonly used green oil), UV curing a screen printing character Mark graphics, UV curing a warm one punch and shape one electrical open, Short-circuit test a brushing, drying a pre-coating help welding antioxidant (dry) a test packaging a finished product factory.Rigid PCB
     Single panel in the early development of the PCB manufacturing industry is the mainstream products, now the proportion has been declining, mainly household appliances, low-end electronic products, electric toys and conventional industrial appliances still have applications, the most mature technology, but also relatively simple. Double-sided CCL one drill datum hole a numerical control drilling guide Rigid PCB
     Hole one inspection, deburring one brushing one chemical plating (conduction through hole metallization) a full plate electroplating thin copper one test brushing a screen printing negative circuit graphics, curing (dry film or wet film, exposure, development) a test, repair plate a line of graphics electroplating tin (corrosion-resistant nickel/gold) one to the printing material (photosensitive film ) One etching of copper one back tin a clean brushing screen printing solder mask (photoptic dry film or wet film, exposure, development, heat curing, commonly used photosensitive heat-cured green oil) ~ cleaning, drying a screen printing mark character graphics, curing a shape processing, cleaning, drying an electrical through the detection of a spray of tin or organic solder mask a finished product factory.Rigid PCB
    The dual panel is now one of the main products in the PCB, because of its wiring density than the single panel improved a lot, ' and both sides can be installed electronic components, so that the structure of electronic products more reasonable, so that the emergence of a rapid replacement of the single panel, and become a multilayer board development of the basic unit products, process maturity, technology is more complex.Rigid PCB

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