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Practical Application Of Electromagnetic Compatibility Design Of Circuit Board

Circuit Board according to their functions always separated into different modules, from the EMC point of view circuit can be divided into several blocks.

1, EMI circuits, usually for digital circuits, microprocessors and peripheral circuits, switching power supplies, and so on. Circuit 2, need protection from interference, such as signal processing circuits, a/d converter analog input and converting part of the circuit. 3, non-interference of the circuit, such as the network of passive devices, load, and so on. 4 interface circuit board, usually jamming through which input or output circuit analog circuit may also be interference with independent circuit, mainly to see whether it has enough inhibition on interference. Operational amplifier low frequency end of the anti-jamming ability strong, depending on their design generally does not under the influence of low-frequency interference signals, so it can be seen as nothing to do with interference on the low frequency side of the circuit, but with some frequency when the signal becomes very sensitive to high-frequency interference of it into the circuit to be protected from interference.

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