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Rigid PCB

                PCB is English (printed Circuit Board) printed PCB, circuit board abbreviation. The conductive graphic which is usually put on the insulating material, according to the predetermined design, is made into a printed circuit, a printed element or a combination of both. And on the insulating substrate to provide electrical connection between the components of the conductive graphics, known as printed wiring. In this way, the printed circuit or printed wiring of the finished product board is called printed circuit boards, also known as printed boards or PCB. PCB by function can be divided into the following categories: single-sided circuit boards, double-sided circuit boards, multilayer circuit boards, aluminum circuit board, impedance circuit boards, FPC flexible circuit boards, etc., circuit board materials are divided into: fiberglass, CEM-1, CEM3, FR4 and so on, this material we can see in the daily life, such as fire-retardant cloth, fire felt core is glass fiber, glass fiber is very easy to combine with resin, we put the structure of dense, high strength of glass fiber cloth immersed in the resin, Hardening has been insulated, not easy to bend the PCB substrate-if the PCB board is broken, the edge is whitish layered, enough to prove that the material is resin glass fiber. Electrical appliances inside the installation of a lot of small parts of the board is called the circuit board (also known as PCB)Rigid PCB

                PCB is a highly standardized electronic products, in the international and foreign technical developed countries have attached great importance to the development and revision of PCB standards. There are a series of standards at home and abroad, which are divided into international standards and the national or industry standards of the developed countries. Various standards have different standard systems. The specific standard system is introduced below.Rigid PCB

                International. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard. IEC was established in TC52/91 electronic technology This specialized office is responsible for electronic and PCB standards for the development, amendments have been made to the PCB design, manufacturing and electronic assembly technical standards and specifications of more than 100 items. Related to PCB and its assembly parts design, materials, various types of products, manufacturing technology and testing methods and quality assurance, etc., constitute a complementary system. IEC is a technical organization of standardization of Electrical and electronic products made up of several countries. The standard-setting process requires multinational consultation and coordination, so the standard formulation and revision speed is relatively slow, the matching is not perfect. Versatility requires more and less detailed requirements. The implementation is supported by national or user standards.Rigid PCB

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