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Rigid PCB Equipment And Raw Materials

Phenolic paper laminates can be divided into different grades, most of which can be used at up to 70~105℃ temperatures, and work for long periods of time at temperatures above this range may result in some performance degradation. and overheating can cause charring, and in affected areas, the insulation resistance may fall to a very low value. In a high humidity environment, the insulation resistance of the substrate will be greatly reduced, however, when the humidity is lowered, the insulation resistance will increase. Compared with phenolic resin paper laminates, the epoxy paper laminates have been greatly improved in both electrical and non electrical properties, including better mechanical and mechanical properties. According to the thickness of the material, the use temperature can reach 90~110℃.Rigid PCB

The mechanical property is lower than the glass cloth material, but is higher than the low quality material. With good impact resistance, good electrical properties, can be used in a wide range of frequencies, in a high humidity environment, can maintain good insulation performance. The use of temperature can reach 100~105℃. Mechanical properties are higher than low base material, flexural strength, impact resistance, X, Y, z-axis dimensional stability, warpage and welding heat shock resistance are better than low-quality materials, electrical properties are also good, the use of temperature can reach 130℃. Affected by harsh environment (humidity) small.Rigid PCB

The thermal transfer method is a method for rapid fabrication of printed circuit boards in small batches. It utilizes the corrosion resistance of the toner of the laser printer, with a fast board (20 minutes), high precision (line width 15mil, spacing 10mil), low cost and other characteristics, but because of the coating resistance flux and the process of metallization, such as the restrictions, this method can not be convenient to make arbitrary wiring PCB double panel, can only make PCB single panel and so-called "quasi-double panel."Rigid PCB

The implementation of this approach requires the preparation of the following equipment and raw materials: A Computer A laser printer, printer toner with cheap compatible toner can be, heat transfer paper, online shopping malls are sold, cheap, can also use self-adhesive paper on the back of the glossy paper instead, but to their own cutting, transfer effect may not be very good Use the thermal transfer machine to transfer the Heat transfer paper to guide the CCL.Rigid PCB

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