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Rigid PCB Industry Overview

    Most of the design elements of rigid printed circuit boards have been used in the design of flexible printed circuit boards. However, there are other new elements that need attention.Rigid PCB

1. The current carrying capacity of the wire

   Because flexible printed circuit boards are poor in heat dissipation (compared to rigid printed circuit boards), sufficient wire width must be provided. Figure 12-8 shows the principle of selecting the width of the conductor when the current is above 1A. Some wires that carry high current are faced face to face or adjacent to each other, taking into account the heat concentration problem, must give additional wire width or spacing.Rigid PCB


   Wherever possible, the rectangle should be preferred wherever possible, since it is better to save the substrate. There should be sufficient free margins near the edge, depending on the remaining space on the substrate.

   Shape, the inner corner should look round; sharp-shaped angle may cause the board to tear.

   The smaller wire width and spacing should be minimized as much as possible. If the geometric space permits, the tightly arranged fine wires should become wide wires. The wires terminated at the plated through holes or the component mounting holes should be smoothed over the pads. As a general standard, any change from straight to elephant or different linewidths must be as smooth as possible. Sharp corners will stress naturally concentrated, causing wire failure.Rigid PCB

3. Flexibility

   As a general standard, the bend radius should be designed as large as possible. The use of thinner laminates (eg, 50μm copper foil instead of 125μm copper foil) and wide wires can better improve the likelihood of its more cyclic bending. For a large number of bending cycles, single-sided flexible printed circuit boards usually show better performance.Rigid PCB

   PCB industry is quite mature, the growth rate is generally not more than 6%. Rigid PCB manufacturers' output has been declining for a long time When smart phones and tablet PCs are showing a surprisingly fast growth, rigid printed circuit board vendors have experienced very difficult times. Rigid PCB manufacturers into a fierce price war, leading to a decline in profits and income. At the same time, large PCB companies believe that the traditional rigid printed circuit boards have not had enough growth potential, so they began to turn their attention to soft printed circuit boards and substrates.

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