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Semi-flex PCBs Flexibility

              High dynamic bending cycles and high-density PCB designs are now available through the use of anisotropic (z-axis) binders to connect double-sided or multi-layer circuits to single-sided circuits. Bending occurs only in the single side of the assembly, the dynamic bending of the area outside of the Multi-layer independent area, where not affected by the bending, you can install complex wiring and required components.Semi-flex PCBs

              Although it is expected that flexible printed circuits will satisfy all applications requiring bending, bending, and some special circuits, a large part of these applications will fail in bending or bending. Flexible materials are used in the manufacture of printed circuit, but the flexible material itself does not guarantee the reliability of the circuit function when bending or bending, especially in the dynamic application. Many factors can improve the reliability of forming or repeating bending of printed flexible printed circuits. In order to ensure the reliable operation of the finished circuit, all these factors must be taken into account in the flexible PCB design process. Here are some tips for increasing flexibility:Semi-flex PCBs

     order to improve the dynamic flexibility, two or more layers of the circuit should select the plating plate. 2 It is recommended to maintain the minimum number of bends. 3 wire should be staggered in order to avoid I-type micro-poly-Cambodian effect, traverse path to be orthogonal, so as to bend. 4 in the bending area, do not place the pad or through hole. 5 Do not place the ceramic devices near any bending area, thus avoiding the coating layer discontinuity, plating layer discontinuous or other stress concentration. It should be ensured that there is no distortion in the finished assembly. Distortions may cause undue stress on the outer edge of the circuit. Any burr or irregularity occurring during the blanking process may cause the circuit board to rupture.Semi-flex PCBs

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