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Simple Definition Of Single-sided PCB

    PCB printed circuit board short. Typically, a conductive pattern formed on a insulating material, a predetermined design, a printed circuit, a printed element, or a combination of both, is referred to as a printed circuit. And in the insulating substrate to provide electrical connections between the components of the conductive pattern, known as the printed circuit. This will put the printed circuit or printed circuit board known as the printed circuit board, also known as printed circuit board or printed circuit board. On the most basic PCB, the parts are concentrated on one side and the wires are on the other side. Because the wires only appear on one side, we call this PCB called single-sided PCB. Because single-sided PCB in the design of the line there are many strict restrictions, because only one side, the wiring can not be crossed and must be around the path alone.Single-sided PCB

    Single-sided PCB almost we can see the electronic equipment are inseparable from it, small to electronic watches, calculators, general-purpose computers, large computer, communication electronic equipment, military weapons systems, as long as there are integrated circuits such as electronic devices, They are used between the electrical interconnect PCB. It provides integrated circuits and other electronic components fixed assembly of mechanical support, to achieve integrated circuits and other electronic components between the wiring and electrical connection or electrical insulation, to provide the required electrical characteristics, such as characteristic impedance. At the same time for the automatic soldering to provide solder mask graphics; for components, insert, check, repair and provide identification characters and graphics.

Single-sided PCB

    Printed single-sided PCB is generally made of clad laminate laminates, commonly used is copper-clad laminate. Sheet metal selection from the electrical performance, feasibility, processing technology requirements, economic indicators and other considerations, commonly used copper clad laminate with copper foil phenolic paper laminate, copper foil epoxy paper laminates, copper Foil Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminate, Copper Foil Epoxy Phenolic Glass Cloth Laminate, Copper Foil Teflon Glass Cloth Laminate and Multilayer Printed Circuit Board Epoxy Glass Cloth.Single-sided PCB

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