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Single-sided PCB Design Line Description

In the material aspect, early to the paper phenolic copper foil base plate mainly, but because at that time the phenolic material electrical insulation low, the welding heat resistance is poor, the distortion and so on factors, successively has the paper annulus gas resin, the glass fiber epoxy resin and so on the material to be developed, the current consumer electronic machine needs single panel, almost uses the paper phenolic substrate.Single-sided PCB

Single panel is on the most basic PCB, the parts in one side, the wire is concentrated on the other side. Because the wire only appears in one side, so we call this kind of PCB is called a single panel. Because the single panel in the design line has a lot of strict restrictions (because only one side, the wiring can not cross and must be around the path alone), so only the early circuit to use this type of board; single-sided PCB is only one side has conductive graphics printed board. Phenolic paper based on the general use of copper-clad laminate, often used epoxy paper or epoxy glass cloth CCL.Single-sided PCB

Double-sided PCB is both sides have conductive graphics PCB. Obviously, the area of the double panel is one fold larger than the single panel, and is suitable for the more complex circuit than the single panel. Two-panel production process is generally divided into process conductor method, plugging method, masking method and graphic plating one etching method.Single-sided PCB 

Thickness of 0, $number, 0 mm insulation substrate on one side covered with copper foil, the other side is not covered. Through the printing and corrosion of the method, on the copper foil to form a printed circuit, without copper on one side to place components. Prisoners can only be in one-sided wiring, so the design is more difficult than double-sided printed circuit boards and multilayer printed circuit board design is difficult. Applicable to the general requirements of electronic equipment, such as radios, televisions and so on.Single-sided PCB

Graphic transfer is the design of the PCB drawing through the printer in accordance with the 1:1 ratio printing to transfer paper, and then cut down, the nursery set a good picture and board, you can use tape and other things fixed. Put the fixed diagram and board into the transfer machine which has been warmed up. The board is in the bottom, the picture is put on the top, start the transfer machine's feed button. Through the upper and lower rollers of heating and extrusion, transfer paper on the map to copper foil coated copper.Single-sided PCB

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