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Single-sided PCB Panel Process

             1. Schematic diagram: Schematic diagram, also called a circuit diagram or logic diagram, in the most understandable way to show the electronic components and the four-six, is in a comprehensive consideration of the component specifications, the interaction between the components (especially the timing and the CD), physical encapsulation and output pin arrangement based on the generation. The circuit diagram is generally first drawn on paper, and finally by computer-aided design. The circuit calls the symbols (such as IC4) to indicate the parts of the printed circuit board and indicate each connection with the PIN number. A good circuit diagram contains all the information needed to understand the electrical work, as well as the description network and wire identification, including the parts of the printed circuit board. To achieve this goal, the computer-aided design of printed circuit board is combined with the computer-aided design of schematic diagram. In short, the finished circuit diagram is the main basis for the design.Single-sided PCB

             2. Wiring diagram Generation: Printed circuit board components and connections are in accordance with the circuit diagram, the designer according to the size and availability of the board to determine their location and layout, in order to obtain the best results. The layout of the printed circuit board determines the final appearance of the circuit, and the identification scheme is determined with the completion of the layout. After the layout of the printed circuit board is completed, the layout scheme of the conductor is given by a kind of self-adhesive yarn-bonded material on a plastic sheet such as a poly-vinegar. A layout or wiring diagram usually magnifies 2-4 times times to improve accuracy. In general, you can also use computer-aided design software to generate wiring diagrams on electronic conversion media such as a plotter or tape or floppy disk. After that, the wiring diagram will be reduced to the final size and made positive or negative according to the production needs.Single-sided PCB

             3. Plate Preparation: Printed circuit board raw materials are only one side with copper clad laminate. Laminates are cut into the required size, generally slightly larger than the printed circuit board main mode. The usual size is 350mm x 508mm. General purpose substrates commonly used paper boards, the need for advanced mechanical and electrical properties when using epoxy glass. Its mechanical properties include stamping and drilling quality, flexural strength, flame resistance and water absorption, and other important electrical properties include dielectric strength, dielectric constant, loss factor, insulation resistance, surface resistivity, volume resistivity, etc.Single-sided PCB

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