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Single-sided PCB Production Process

Single-sided PCB PCB circuit board According to the layer can be divided into: PCB single-sided circuit boards, PCB double-sided circuit boards and multilayer and ultra-multilayer circuit boards, the various layers of the circuit board its specifications and applications are different, this article will detail the PCB single-sided circuit board application and production process and other basic knowledge.

Single-sided PCB Application of single-sided PCB circuit board:

The main applications in electronic watches, calculators, computers and communications electronic equipment, military weapons systems, etc., can be said that as long as there are integrated circuits and electronic components, the electrical interconnection between them to use the PCB single-sided circuit boards.

Single-sided PCB PCB circuit board provides a variety of electronic components and other fixed assembly of mechanical support, integrated circuits and other electronic components to achieve wiring and electrical connections between the electrical insulation or to provide the required electric characteristics, such as characteristic impedance. At the same time to provide solder solder mask graphics, for the components of plug, inspection, maintenance to provide identification of characters and graphics.

Single-sided PCB Single-sided PCB production process:

Single-sided PCB Preparation before: 

1, Single-sided PCB blast machine 

2, Single-sided PCB corrosion machine

Single-sided PCB Production process:

1, single-sided copper clad laminate

2, blanking

3, Single-sided PCB drilling or punching

4, screen printing line to resist etching graphics or use dry film

5, Single-sided PCB Curing Check repair board

6, screen printing resistance welding graphics (commonly used green oil)

7, Single-sided PCB screen printing character marking graphics, UV curing

8, preheating, punching and shape

9, electric open, short-circuit test

10, Single-sided PCB pre-coated soldering antioxidant (dry) or spray tin hot air Leveling

11, packaging, factory

Single-sided PCB Above is the PCB single-sided circuit board the entire production process, hoping to help everyone

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