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Structural Description Of Flexible Circuits

Flexible circuit board mobile phone focus on flexible circuit board light weight and thin thickness. Can effectively save the volume of products, easy to connect the battery, microphone, and the button into one. As an important part of advanced digital Assembly technology, flexible assembling technology has been widely concerned and applied in aviation enterprises at home and abroad. So far, aircraft assembly technology has undergone the development from manual assembly, semi-automatic assembly, automatic assembly to flexible assembly.Flexible Circuits In order to shorten the aircraft production preparation cycle, began to put forward to the aircraft products of the process equipment "flexible" requirements; In addition, the different components, components or similar aircraft of the corresponding components, parts of the tooling many have the same or similar characteristics, but also to achieve the product tooling "flexibility" provides the possibility, Therefore, the aircraft flexible assembly equipment began to be more and more applied to practice.Flexible Circuits Flexible tooling technology is a reconfigurable modular system based on product digital size coordination. Automation Assembly technology, the purpose is to exempt the design and manufacture of various parts of the assembly of the special fixed-frame, fixture, can reduce tooling manufacturing costs, shorten the tooling preparation cycle, reduce production land, while greatly improving assembling productivity.Flexible Circuits

Flexible tooling generally has the characteristics of flexibility, digitization, modularization and automation. Flexible performance in the tooling with rapid reconfiguration of the ability to adjust a set of tools can be used in a number of products assembly, which is the most fundamental characteristics of flexible tooling; digital features embodied in its design, manufacture, installation and application are widely used in numerical transmission mode, is a digital tooling The modular embodiment of flexible tooling is mainly composed of modules with modular structure, the reconfiguration of modular structure unit realizes the flexibility of tooling, and the modular units can automatically adjust and reconstruct, which embodies the characteristics of flexible tooling automation.Flexible Circuits

Foreign aviation manufacturing enterprises to develop flexible assembly technology, universal use of flexible tooling, has achieved very significant results. The foreign aircraft flexible assembling assembly mainly includes the multi-lattice forming vacuum adsorption flexible tooling, the determinant High Speed column array flexible assembly assembling, the automatic docking platform and so on.Flexible Circuits

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