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The Changeable Structure Of Heavy Copper PCB

As an important part of PCB design, copper clad whether it is a domestic green more front PCB design software, but also some foreign protel, POWERPCB provide a smart copper-clad function, so how to apply good copper, the author of some of his ideas to share with everyone, hoping to bring benefits to peers. The so-called copper, is the PCB on the idle space as the benchmark surface, and then filled with solid copper, these copper areas are also known as copper pouring.Heavy Copper PCB

If the improper treatment of copper, it will not be lost, whether the copper is "benefits outweigh the disadvantages" or "more harm than good"? We all know that in high frequency, the distribution capacitance of the wiring on the printed circuit board will work, when the length is greater than the noise frequency of the corresponding wavelength of 1/20, the antenna effect will be generated, the noise will be sent out through the wiring, if there is a bad grounding in the PCB copper-clad, copper-coated is a means of transmitting noise, therefore, In the High-frequency circuit, do not think that the ground is connected to a place, this is the "ground", must be less than λ/20 spacing, in the wiring on the hole, and multilayer board of the ground plane "good grounding."Heavy Copper PCB

If there is more PCB, there are Sgnd, AGND, GND, and so on, according to the PCB surface location of the different, respectively, the most important "ground" as reference to independent copper, digital and analog separately to cover copper from not many words, at the same time before copper, the first to add the corresponding power line: 5.0V, 3.3V and so on, it forms multiple deformation structures of different shapes.Heavy Copper PCB

In the beginning of wiring, should be equal to the ground wire, the line should be good when the ground, can not rely on after copper through the addition of the hole to remove the connection to pin, this effect is very bad. 6. In the board it is best not to have sharp corners appear ("= 180 degrees), because from the electromagnetic point of view, this constitutes a launch antenna!" For the other will always have an impact is only big or small, I recommend the use of Arcs edge line. 7. Multilayer Board middle Layer wiring open area, do not cover copper.Heavy Copper PCB

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