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The Function Of Rigid PCB In Electronic Equipment

Printed circuit in the electronic equipment to provide the following functions: to provide integrated circuits and other electronic components fixed, assembled mechanical support. To achieve the integrated circuit and other electronic components between the wiring and electrical connection or electrical insulation. Provide the required electrical characteristics, such as characteristic impedance. Provides solder mask for automatic soldering, providing identification characters and graphics for component insertion, inspection, and maintenance.Rigid PCB

Printed circuit or printed circuit board is called printed circuit board or printed circuit board, also known as printed circuit board. Printed board according to the substrate is rigid or flexible can be divided into two categories: rigid printed circuit board and flexible printed circuit board. This year has been a rigid ----- flexible combination of printed circuit board. According to the number of layers of conductor graphics can be divided into single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer printed circuit board.Rigid PCB

Electronic equipment using printed circuit board, due to the consistency of the same printed circuit board, thus avoiding the error of manual wiring, and electronic components can be automatically inserted or installed, automatic solder, automatic testing to ensure the quality of electronic equipment , Increased labor productivity, reduced costs, and easy maintenance.Rigid PCB

Printed boards develop from single-layer to double-sided, multi-layer and flexible, and still maintain their respective development trends. As a result of continuous high-precision, high density and high reliability of the direction of development, continue to reduce the volume, reduce costs and improve performance, making the PCB in the future development of electronic equipment, still maintain a strong vitality. three. Printed board technical level of the mark: the technical level of the printed board logo for double-sided and multi-hole hole metallized printed circuit board: both in mass production of double-sided metal printed circuit board, in 2.50 or 2.54mm Between the two pads on the standard grid intersection, the number of wires can be laid as a mark.Rigid PCB

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