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The Nature Of The Flexible Circuits And The Device Description

The Flexible circuit board is small in size and light in weight. The flexible circuit board was originally designed to replace the larger wire harness. On the current connectors (cutting-edge) electronic device assembly Board, flexible circuit boards are usually the only solution for miniaturization and mobility requirements.Flexible Circuits 

Flexible circuits (sometimes referred to as flexible printed wiring) are etched on the base material of the polymer on a copper circuit or printed polymer thick film circuit. For thin and lightweight devices with compact and complex structure, the design solution includes a single conductive line to a complex multi-layer three-dimensional assembly. The total weight and volume of flexible assembly is 70% less than that of traditional round wire wiring harness. Flexible boards can also increase their strength by using reinforcement materials or liners to obtain additional mechanical stability.Flexible Circuits

Flexible PCB with higher assembly reliability and yield flexible circuit boards reduce the hardware required for Nellian, such as common solder joints, trunks, backplane lines and cables in traditional electronic packages, allowing flexible boards to provide higher assembly reliability and throughput. Because complex multiple systems are composed of traditional interconnect hardware in the assembly, the higher the component dislocation rate is easy to appear.Flexible Circuits

Although the future of flexible printed circuit board is bright, it also faces the dilemma of China's real economy at present. The FPC industry faces unprecedented competitive pressures due to rising labor costs, overcapacity, outdated manufacturing processes and technologies, weak research and innovation capabilities, and poor productivity and management efficiency. Many small-scale manufacturers can not reverse the profit and loss model, closed a number of closures. Only by actively seeking transformation, increase investment in research and development and innovation, and strive to reduce costs, improve management and production efficiency is the fundamental way out.Flexible Circuits

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