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The Process Of Flexible Circuits

      It is a highly reliable, excellent flexible printed circuit made of polyimide or polyester film as the base material. Early flexible PCB limited to automotive dashboard and laptop computer and other sophisticated specialized equipment. Now flexible PCB has been used in cellular phone, PDA, $literal player, portable CD player, home VCD, mobile phone and mobile phone battery, digital camera, medical and other space limited telecommunication and consumer electronic products. Flexible Circuits
      We can according to your specific requirements for your tailor-made, but also batch processing production. can provide you with Single-layer board, double board, multilayer board, double-sided board and so on. Because the flexible plate is mainly used in the occasion of bending, if the design or process is unreasonable, it is easy to produce micro-cracks, open welding and other defects. Therefore, we strictly follow the following procedures to ensure that our services efficient fruit, fast, reduce rework rate, save your valuable time.Flexible Circuits
      In the Single-layer board, we first etching the copper foil processing to get the necessary circuit, the protective film to be drilled to reveal the corresponding pad, cleaning and then use the rolling method to combine the two. And then in the exposed solder plate part of the electrical gold-plated or tin protection. Generally also the small circuit board that presses into the corresponding shape. There is no protective film and directly on the copper foil solder layer, so the cost will be lower, but the mechanical strength of the circuit board will become worse. Therefore, we usually apply the method of sticking the protective film.Flexible Circuits
     When the circuit is too complex, Single-layer board can not be routed or need copper foil for grounding shielding, you need to choose a double board or even multilayer board. The most typical difference between multilayer and Single-layer laminates is that the porous structure is added to link each layer of copper foil. First in the substrate and copper foil drilling, after cleaning plating a certain thickness of copper, and then through the hole.Flexible Circuits
     Both sides of the two panels have pads, mainly used in connection with other circuit boards. Although it is similar to single-layer structure, the fabrication process differs greatly. First, according to the pad position requirements in the protective film on the drilling, and then affixed to the copper foil, corrosion of the solder plate and lead, and then affixed to another drilling holes in the protective film can be.Flexible Circuits

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