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The Wiring Status Of Double-sided PCB

     Both sides have conductive graphics printed boards for double-sided printed circuit boards. On both sides of the insulating substrate are covered with copper foil, can be made on both sides of the printed circuit, it can be both sides of the wiring, need to be connected with the metal hole. Because the wiring density of double-sided printed circuit is higher, it can reduce the volume of the equipment. Applicable to the general requirements of electronic equipment, such as computers, electrical equipment, instrumentation and so on.Double-sided PCB

     The completion rate of automatic wiring, depending on the good layout, the wiring rules can be pre-set, including the number of bends, the number of guides, the number of steps and so on. In general, the first exploration-type cloth warp, quickly connect the short line, and then the maze-type wiring, first of all the wiring to the cloth to optimize the routing path, it can be broken according to the needs of the cloth. And try rewiring again to improve the overall effect.Double-sided PCB

     For the current high-density PCB design has felt that through the hole is not very suitable, it wastes a lot of valuable wiring channels, in order to solve this contradiction, there is a blind hole and buried hole technology, it not only completed the role of the guide hole, but also save a lot of wiring channels to complete the wiring process more convenient, more fluent, more perfect, PCB Board design process is a complex and simple process, to grasp it well, but also need the vast number of electronic engineering staff to their own experience, to get the true meaning.Double-sided PCB

    Not only in the entire PCB board in the wiring is done well, but due to the power supply, the ground is not considered to cause interference, will make the performance of the product decline, and sometimes even affect the success rate of the product. Therefore, the wiring of electricity and ground should be treated seriously, and the noise interference caused by electricity and ground will be minimized to ensure the quality of the products.Double-sided PCB

    As far as possible to widen the power supply, ground width, preferably the ground is wider than the power line, their relationship is: Ground > power line > Signal line, usually the signal line width is: 0.2~0.3mm, the most fine width up to 0.05~0.07mm, Power cable 1.2 ~ 2.5 MM on the digital circuit of the PCB can be a wide range of wires to form a circuit, that is, the formation of a network to use (analog circuit can not be used in this way) with a large area of copper used as ground wire, on the printed board to the unused place is connected with the Earth as a ground.Double-sided PCB

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