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What Is The Difference Between Painting A Soft PCB And Layer Rigid-flex PCB?

     With the increasing rate of soft PCB production and rigid flexible PCB application and promotion, it is now more common to say that the PCB with soft, rigid or rigid to say it is several layers of PCB. In general, a PCB made of a flexible insulating substrate is called a flexible PCB or a flexible PCB, and a rigid-flex PCB is referred to as a rigid-flex PCB. It is suitable for today's electronic products to high density and high reliability, miniaturization, lightweight direction of the development needs, but also to meet the stringent economic requirements and market and technical competition needs.In foreign countries, soft PCB has been widely used in the early sixties. China, in the sixties began production and application. In recent years, with the introduction of global economic integration and the introduction of technology to promote the use of technology continue to grow, some small and medium-sized rigid PCB factory aimed at this opportunity to use soft hard to do the process, the use of existing equipment on tooling tools and Process to improve the transformation of the production of flexible PCB and adapt to the growing demand for soft PCB. To further understand the PCB, here on the soft PCB process for a brief introduction.Layer Rigid-flex PCB Soft PCB classification and its advantages and disadvantages: 1. Soft PCB classification, soft PCB is usually based on the number of layers and structure of the conductor as follows:Layer Rigid-flex PCB

Single-sided soft PCB, only a layer of conductor, the surface can have a cover or no cover. The insulating base material used varies depending on the application of the product. Commonly used insulating materials are polyester, polyimide, polytetrafluoroethylene, soft epoxy - glass cloth and so on.Layer Rigid-flex PCB Single-sided soft PCB can be further divided into the following four categories: no cover layer of such a single-sided conn ection of these soft PCB wire pattern on the insulation substrate, the wire surface without cover. Like the usual single-sided rigid PCB. This kind of product is the cheapest one, usually used in non-critical and environmentally friendly applications. The interconnection is achieved by soldering, welding or press welding. It is used in early telephone.

     There are covered with single-sided connection, and this class compared to the former, according to customer requirements in the wire surface more than a layer of cover. Cover the need to cover the exposed, simply can not cover the end of the area. Requires precision can be used in the form of clearance. It is single-sided soft PCB in the most widely used, the most widely used in automotive instrumentation, electronic equipment.Layer Rigid-flex PCB

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