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What PCB Waste Treatment

Realization of resources recycling of waste PCB. PCB waste by microwave pyrolysis obtained can be used as a fuel gas for gas products. Liquid products mainly for the phenolic compounds are good raw material.

Microwave treatment of waste PCB, is a new technique developed in recent years. This technique is fast, efficient, low cost and advantages of resource recycling, is a highly promising treatment of waste printed circuit board technology.

Using microwave energy to processing PCB waste and recycle the precious metal devices. Through the device of PCB treatment was realized in the laboratory, and recycle the precious metal and glass materials for use as building materials.

Solid PCB products are mainly carbon-containing substances and metal, by changing the microwave power, after the separation of all kinds of metal balls, metal activated carbon residue after removal, prepared have good adsorption carbon material. So as to achieve the purpose of resource recycling waste printed circuit board.

Although microwave PCB processing technology has yet to reach the level of mass industrialization, but it has many advantages and great potential for development, and believe that with the development of theory research.

Microwave technology will play an important role in the near future. Biotechnology is emerging technology, using technology to recycle PCB reported less. Which makes use of certain micro-organisms on the surface of gold adsorption and microbial oxidation of the waste recovery using conventional methods is more difficult to recycle some of the precious metal in the PCB problem. Carambola, proves that when Fe3+ is 6. 66g/L, microbial population increased to 100%. PH value of 1. At 5 o'clock, from printed circuit board by Thiobacillus ferrous oxide PCB) leaching of copper is feasible

Supercritical fluid technique is the use of special properties of supercritical fluid to destroy the resin bonding layer printed circuit board, printed circuit boards in order to achieve the material recovery and treatment methods. Brush circuit board recycling due to the complexity of its structure and composition of materials, is considered to be one of the most important and difficult recovery of electrical and electronic products.

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