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Al based PCBs

  • Copper Based PCB
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    Copper Based PCB

    Copper-based PCB is a unique metal-based CCL copper substrate, which has good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation properties and machinability. Copper-based Printed Circuit Board is the most expensive one in metal Core PCBs, but...
  • Semi-flex PCBs
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    Semi-flex PCBs

    SEMI-FLEX is a flex-rigid PCB, typically 4 layers, made entirely of FR4. Unlike conventional flex-rigid PCBs, the flexing element is not polyimide but a thin FR4 core with two layers of copper specially treated to flex without cracking....
  • Aluminum Based PCB
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    Aluminum Based PCB

    Union Circuits is a professional Aluminum-based Printed Circuit Board manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China, Aluminum Printed Circuit Boards contain a thin Layer of thermally conductive dielectric material that transfers heat, this...
  • Iron Based PCBs
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    Iron Based PCBs

    Union Circuits can make sing-sided and double-sided Iron-based PCBs, Iron-based PCB is commonly used in high-end motor with good heat dissipation and stability, compared with the aluminum substrate, iron substrate hardness is much...
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