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Double sided FPC China

  • Single-sided PCB
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    Single-sided PCB

    Single-sided Printed Circuit Boards contain only one layer of conductive material and are best suitable for low density designs, they are easily designed, quickly manufactured and serve as the most cost effective platforms in the...
  • Multilayer FPC
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    Multilayer FPC

     Multilayer FPC is combined with 3 or more layers of flex circuits, generally the layers are interconnected by Plated Through Holes (PTH). The layers of the multilayer flex circuit may or may not be continuously laminated together...
  • Double-sided PCB
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    Double-sided PCB

    Union Circuits make around 8000sq.meters double-sided PCBs every month, we offer both quick turn Prototype and normal lead time production services, there are a lot of materials available, like CEM-3, normal FR-4(Tg130), middle Tg150...
  • Quick Turn FPC
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    Quick Turn FPC

    Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPC) has been widely used in a lot of areas like Notebook, Touch Panel, Camera, Printer, DVD, Automotive, Communication and Military Products etc. Union Circuits started to make flex circuits since 2009,...
  • Single-sided FPC
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    Single-sided FPC

    Union Circuits has been manufacturing single-sided FPCs for 8 years, Flexible Printed Circuits are now widely used for computer, mobile phone, digital camera, touch panel display, Automotive, medical devices etc. Made of thin dielectric...
  • Automotive FPC
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    Automotive FPC

    FPC were widely used in the Automotive industry, such as powertrain, headlight, taillight, sensors, switches, audio system etc. Union Circuits has been manufacturing Automotive FPCs for years. General Specification Attention: “These are...
  • Double-sided FPC
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    Double-sided FPC

    Double-sided FPC with 2 copper layers on both sides of the Polyimide film, there are two types of laminate available, with adhesive and without adhesive, the one with adhesive price is cheaper. 2Layer FPC allows for more intricate...
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