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buy Rigid PCB

  • Single-sided PCB
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    Single-sided PCB

    Single-sided Printed Circuit Boards contain only one layer of conductive material and are best suitable for low density designs, they are easily designed, quickly manufactured and serve as the most cost effective platforms in the...
  • Heavy Copper PCB
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    Heavy Copper PCB

    Union Circuits is a Professional Heavy Copper PCB Manufacturer located in Shenzhen of China, we can make up to 20OZ thick copper PCBs, most of them are used for high power distribution, heat dissipation, power converters and planar...
  • High Frequency PCB
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    High Frequency PCB

    Union Circuits is a Professional High Frequency PCB Manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China, we have a lot of Microwave/ RF circuits experience with Rogers, Arlon, Nelco, Taconic, PTFE, Ceramic materials, these materials are widely used...
  • Quick Turn PCB
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    Quick Turn PCB

    Quick Turn Prototype PCB is one of our competitive items to meet customers’ time to market requirement. We have been manufacturing quick turn Prototype PCBs with affordable prices since 2004. For single-side and double-sided PCBs,...
  • Multilayer PCB
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    Multilayer PCB

    Union Circuits can make 4~32 Layer multilayer PCBs, we mainly focus on the oversea market to service customers for their PCB Prototype, small to medium PCB needs. We are good at impedance control, hard Gold plating, Gold fingers,...
  • Ultrathin PCB
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    Ultrathin PCB

    Union Circuits can make very thin rigid PCBs like 0.1~0.15mm single-sided FR-4 PCBs, 0.2mm double-sided FR4 PCBs, this is the ultimate thickness we can do with FR-4 material, but there is an alternative solution to use flexible...
  • Double-sided PCB
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    Double-sided PCB

    Union Circuits make around 8000sq.meters double-sided PCBs every month, we offer both quick turn Prototype and normal lead time production services, there are a lot of materials available, like CEM-3, normal FR-4(Tg130), middle Tg150...
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