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  • Automotive FPC
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    Automotive FPC

    FPC were widely used in the Automotive industry, such as powertrain, headlight, taillight, sensors, switches, audio system etc. Union Circuits has been manufacturing Automotive FPCs for years. General Specification Attention: “These are...
  • Membrane Switch
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    Membrane Switch

    Membrane switch flex circuit designs typically feature three discreet layers. The top layer directs the user to the functionality beneath by way of printed graphics, this layer is commonly referred to as the graphic overlay. The next...
  • 2~16 Layer Rigid-flex PCB
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    2~16 Layer Rigid-flex PCB

    Union Circuits can make 2 ~ 16 Layer Rigid-flex PCBs. Rigid-flex circuits are a hybrid construction flex circuit consisting of rigid and flexible substrates which are laminated together into a single structure, t he layers of a...
  • Semi-flex PCBs
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    Semi-flex PCBs

    SEMI-FLEX is a flex-rigid PCB, typically 4 layers, made entirely of FR4. Unlike conventional flex-rigid PCBs, the flexing element is not polyimide but a thin FR4 core with two layers of copper specially treated to flex without cracking....
  • Linear LED Lighting PCB
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    Linear LED Lighting PCB

    Union Circuits is professional at Aluminum-based Linear LED Lighting PCBs, we can make 1.0 meter, 1.2 meter and 1.5 meter Long LED strip PCBs, thickness always 1.0~1.2mm, but other thickness also available upon customer request, the...
  • Aluminum Based PCB
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    Aluminum Based PCB

    Union Circuits is a professional Aluminum-based Printed Circuit Board manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China, Aluminum Printed Circuit Boards contain a thin Layer of thermally conductive dielectric material that transfers heat, this...
  • Copper Based PCB
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    Copper Based PCB

    Copper-based PCB is a unique metal-based CCL copper substrate, which has good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation properties and machinability. Copper-based Printed Circuit Board is the most expensive one in metal Core PCBs, but...
  • Iron Based PCBs
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    Iron Based PCBs

    Union Circuits can make sing-sided and double-sided Iron-based PCBs, Iron-based PCB is commonly used in high-end motor with good heat dissipation and stability, compared with the aluminum substrate, iron substrate hardness is much...
  • 4~16 Layer HDI PCB
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    4~16 Layer HDI PCB

    Union Circuits offer 4~16 Layer HDI PCBs with good quality and competitive prices, we are flexible to support prototype and small to medium HDI order as well as mass volume productions. General Specification Attention: “These are the...
  • Any-layer HDI PCB
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    Any-layer HDI PCB

    Any-layer HDI Printed Circuit Boards are the next technological enhancement of HDI microvia PCBs, all the electrical connections between the individual layers consist of laser-drilled microvias, the main advantage of this technology is...
  • Prototype PCB Assembly
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    Prototype PCB Assembly

    Union Circuits offer quick-turn prototype, low to medium volume PCB Fabrication as well as the PCB assembly services, we provide full turnkey or partial turnkey services, you can supply us partial or all of the components, or we source...
  • Turnkey PCB Assembly
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    Turnkey PCB Assembly

    Union Circuits offers high quality products ranging from bare Printed Circuit Board Fabrication to complete integrated PCB assemblies. Our edge in the market is quick-turn prototypes and small to medium volume PCB Assembly. We guarantee...
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