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Union History

Union Circuits is a professional PCB & FPC & PCBA Manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China. 

We are continuously expending to offer our customer with value-added services.  

We are dedicated to be one of the leading one-stop PCB & PCBA Manufacturer to service global customers.

2016 Start PCB Assembly to provide customer with one-stop PCB & PCBA solution service.

2015 Jiangmen factory start production, mainly focus on 2~6 Layer mass production orders. 

2014 Keep expanding, start building the new factory in Jiangmen for mass production orders.

2012 Metal Core PCB branch setted up, engaged in the LED Lighting market.

2010 ISO14001 Certificated.

2009 32 Layer Prototype PCBs pre-production, 16 Layer mass production. 

2008 FPC factory founded to make 1~4 Layer flex circuits

2006 UL Certificated, multilayer keep increasing, install our own pressing machine.

2005 ISO9001 Certificated, 4-6 Layer PCBs mass production.

2004 Union Circuits founded, start from manufacturing 1~2 Layer Quick turn Prototype PCBs.

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